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3D Plant Modelling & Asset Management

Elevate your onshore projects with our 3D Plant Modelling. We create accurate models and Digital Twins for existing plants, enhancing safety and real-time project monitoring.

Tank Scanning For Ispection And Asset Management

Streamline tank inspections with our 3D laser scanning technology, ensuring faster and more accurate results for optimal asset performance.

3D Underground Mapping & Modelling GPR

Uncover the underground world with our GPR-based mapping. Save time, avoid excavation issues, and ensure safety with our advanced underground mapping solutions.

Discrete Element Modelling with EDEM

Optimize material handling with EDEM. Gain insights into particle behavior and enhance system performance for industries requiring granular material analysis.

Altair Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Thermal Effects Analysis

Whether you’re a design engineer who needs to quickly understand fluid or thermal effects on a design proposal or an analyst performing advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling and verification, Altair offers a comprehensive line of tools that helps you achieve your goals. 

Altair Industrial Design Applications

Altair’s industrial design tools allow designers, architects, and digital artists to create, evaluate, and visualize their vision faster than ever before. Focus on ideas instead of being hindered by shortcomings of the software tools and liberate creativity with design software that lets the user model freely, make changes effortlessly, and render beautifully.

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PT Aruna Karya Teknologi Nusantara is a strategic industry leaders in the areas of 3D Laser Scanning and leading in Engineering Services such as 2D & 3D modelling, Data conversion Simulation Engineering), Reverse Engineering, and Engineering Asset and Data Management

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